Eyebrows: plucking up the courage

When it comes to eyebrow plucking I am definitely of the view that ‘less is more’ (and some might say it shows!). 
My view is ‘don’t do it’ unless you know what you are doing.  The importance of an arched brow and how it can widen the eye is, in my view, completely overstated, and is probably the cause of a lot of the overplucked eyebrows around!

Fortunately for me, my low maintenance view of eyebrows is pretty on trend at the moment with the revival of the bushy eyebrow (think Brooke Shields in the 80’s). 

The catwalks of New York Fashion Week (see model at Phillip Lim show, made up by Nars, below) and the beauty pages of most magazines are full of bushy brows. 

Nars at NYFW

AW11 at NYFW made up by Nars


Personally I love the looks in these pics/ Yes, I know these girls would probably have looked good with a monobrow, but I actually think both looks are very wearable for mere mortals.

For some reason though the message is still not getting through that less is more when it comes to plucking and tweezing.

If you do fall into the category of women who absolutely have to tweeze their eyebrows, my advice would be don’t do a DIY job unless you know exactly what you are doing (and if we are honest most of us don’t). Do go to a reputable threading bar. It is painful but if you choose a good one, they can leave you with amazing brows. If you are in the vicinity of London, I recommend Blink Brow Bar in Selfridges (http://blinkbrowbar.com). Unlike a lot of brow bars, it is relatively discreetly locted in a corner of the ground floor, so you won’t have an audience. Alternatively, take yourself to a professional beautician who knows about face shape and what suits you. You might be surprised to discover that most will recommend a minimal tweezing!

Victoria Beckham is a great example of what some proper eyebrow advice can do for you. Before:

Overplucked and unrecognisable

And after:

Gorgeously underplucked

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