Bigging up The Body Shop for their lip colour guide

I am having another crazy week, although not crazy enough to not keep an eye out for beauty treats and must-haves!

Here’s something I came across on The Body Shop’s website, that I thought would be worth looking at. It’s basically an interactive guide which shows you which lip colours work best on which skin tone.

Surprisingly, the colours show up quite accurately, and true to life, on the models used in the guide.

From a purely selfish perspectve, I was particularly pleased to see that it wasn’t just telling me to wear lots of berry shades, as darker/olive women usually get told by make-up artists. Refreshingly, the Body Shop guide ventures into pinks and nudes as an option.

And brownie points too for acknowledging that there are actually variations on browner skin tones (five categories ranging from olive to African are listed). Sad to say this is still pretty forward-thinking by UK standards for a national retailer.

I can’t really vouch for the lipsticks themselves yet, but if this guide doesn’t get you wanting to venture into your local shop, nothing will!

See what you think and let me know:

Body Shop is currently also doing an offer where if you buy two items of make-up, you get an eyeliner for free (usually retailing at around £10).

I have actually just bought a number of bits and bobs in my local branch, one of which is this much talked about Rain Forest Shampoo range: paraben, sulphate and everything else harmful free, so will report back, but it’s potentially one that could be good for the kids as well.


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