Ms. Middleton’s brows

I promised myself that that name would not darken my blog, but seriously I just can’t resist.

Please be assured that you won’t be hearing me eulogising about the McQueen dress here (for the record, I thought it was beautiful!), or, for that matter, commenting on Pippa’s supposedly curvaceous derriere…oh no, far more fascinating to me were Kate’s brows. I am astounded how little comment they have received to date, so felt obliged/duty bound to provide my tuppence worth here.

 Anyone else notice how much darker and fuller her brows looked? Just goes to show that bushier brows are most definitely in. They certainly gave HRH a contemporary edge to an otherwise rather ‘tried and tested’ look for her big day.

I’ve never really understood the desire to look natural on your wedding day: surely it’s the one day you can do whatever you want to do…wear your hair up, slap on the make up…who cares whether your other half recognises you or not! Here’s apic of me on my Big Day to prove my point: hair up with ten thousand pins, false eyelashes and all!

It just amazes me why someone with the world’s best MUAs at their disposal would not use them.

But I digress. I just read an article comparing her brows on the day to those of the goddess of eyebrows (and everything else) herself: Audrey Hepburn. I am not sure if I’d go that far, but there’s a definite similarity, with the fifties theme to the dress possibly being carried through to the brows at least. With the current revival of all things retro and fifties it’s just a shame that the theme wasn’t carried through further to the rest of her look on the day with a darker lip, and little easier on the kohl.

Ms Middleton, watch and and take note:

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