Nars’ ‘The Multiple’: finally found the perfect shade!

I mentioned a while ago that I tried the ‘Orgasm’ illuminator from Nars, and wasn’t that impressed. Some of you may recall the post: I posted a picture of Kim Kardashian to go with the post. Believe it or not that has been my most viewed post: a lesson to anyone wanting to generate more traffic to their blog: just mention Kim K. (even in passing!).

Anyway, returning to the subject of my post. I also mentioned at the time that I didn’t think ‘Orgasm’  was  the right shade on my more olivy skin tone, and that I was still on the look out for one that I thought worked. (I know that this is pretty much sacrilege in beauty terms, as ‘Orgasm’ is considered to be the definitive ‘suits all’ shade).

Well, I think I may finally have found a shade that works better for Asian and other more olive skin tones: Portofino.

It’s a sort of orangey peach, which an amazingly subtle effect for the daytime, which can then be built up for a more dramatic night time look.

I would say that what differentiates this from ‘Orgasm’ is the slightly more orange tone, whereas ‘Orgasm’ is more of an archetypal baby pink.

Here’s a pic and swatch. The swatch is taking from applying the stick twice, as the first application didn’t really show up the colour on my phone. Don’t be put off if you think this is too bright, as once blended it actually just leaves a lovely lumnious peach, with a slight glimmer.

‘The Multiple’ sticks are tad on the expensive side retailing at around £30, but as the name implies they can be used on lips as well, although be warned, they do come out quite dry on lips, and will need a balm or gloss added. Having said that, Portofino is a great shade for lips.

I ordered mine from the Nars website, which is currently offering free postage on orders over £25. My order was placed on Monday, and arrived on Wednesday, so I’ve been quite impressed.


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