My first ever GlossyBox!

After all the hype in May about GlossyBox, which had just launched in the UK, I hurridly signed up and waited patiently for my first ever package. The photos of my fellow bloggers were certainly tantalising: a full size edition of Nars’ Orgasm Illuminator, not to mention all sorts of other goodies. Well, after a rather long wait, I finally received the June Glossybox.

My first ever GlossyBox arrived this morning, beautifully packaged I have to say. The packaging is really part of the treat, and is a joy to receive and open (see photo below).

 The blurb enclosed with it explains that it contains 5 summer essentials: ‘The products you need to get ready and get confident for the skin-baring months ahead!’

So, what did it contain, and, more importantly, would it live up to the initial May Glossybox?

1. OPI Designer Series Mini Nail Lacquer (mine was a glittery deep red)

2. Bioeffect EGF Serum – an age-defying serum which which is worth £30, and apparently ‘stimulates the growth of new skin cells, resulting in a great complexion, hydrated and overall younger looking skin’. I’m not one for age-defying serums generally, so limited excitement on my part about this.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo – hmmm, this usually retails for a couple of quid, so no great shakes…

4. Lalique eau de parfum (Perles de Lalique) – quite a traditional floral fragrace, so again, not the most exciting find.

5. Margaret Dabbs’ Luxury Foot Treatment (a 100ml bottle usually retailing for £20) which consists of a spray oil. This is probably the piece de resistance from this month’s box, as it really does beautifully hydrate the skin with Australian emu oil fragranced with lemon myrtle. It’s the one product I would class as a real ‘summer essential’ as it seems to deal beautifully with dry/unsightly heels.

The final verdict: not quite as exciting in terms of contents, as the inital box, but still worth the money I would say. For £10 a month you get sent a lovely selection of trial sized beauty products to try (bear in mind that as of September you’ll have to pay postage of £2.95 as well). This month’s £20 Margaret Dabbs’ foot oil means that you are getting your money’s worth for now.

For more information on GlossyBox and how to get your hands on one, check out:


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