Laying the foundations: Garnier B.B. cream

Now that my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser is running out, I am back on the prowl for something to replace it.

I was sent a sample of Liz Earle’s much-talked-about Sheer Skin Tint a few weeks ago. It comes in three shades, and is described as ‘the perfect way to enhance your skin’.  I think the 3rd and darkest shade (beach) is most suitable for fair to medium Asian complexions, so definitely no shades suitable for anyone of a darker complexion, which is a real shame. I have tried shade 2 (beige), for caucasian skin tones, but would say it is definitely slightly on the light side for me, with a pinkish tint to it. Here’s a pic showing shade 2

I was expecting the coverage of Sheer Skin Tint to be similar to a tinted moisturiser. However, I have to say this definitey provides a  heavier coverage, with a definite glow to it, as you can see from the pic. If you like a matt finish to your make up it does take some getting used to.  I did have an intial urge to reach for some powder to get rid of the shine, however, the overall effect is quite ‘radiant’ and luminous.

I read another review suggesting that it was not suitable for dry skin, however I would  have to disagree. I does require a moisturiser or primer underneath, but otherwise didn’t  cause my quite dry, sensitive skin any particular discomfort.

My second review is about the much-raved-about Garnier B.B. All-In-One cream, which is described as a  ‘Miracle Skin Perfector’. There’s been quite a lot of hype around blemish balms so I was gagging to try one.

I bought this from Boots in Brighton: in the past I have tended to react quite badly to  skin care products bought from Boots, unless they are specifically designed for sensitive skin (e.g. Eucerin). I certainly hadn’t tried anything from Garnier before (somehow still associate it more with shampoos than skincare). Having said that, I have been really pleasantly surprised by this particular cream which cost less than £10.

One of my main bug-bears with Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturisers is that it doesn’t necessarily provide enough coverage to deal with skin imperfections such as under-eye shadows and minor blemishes. The B.B. cream by contrast, provides a good amount of coverage to deal with these imperfections. It  also provides a lightweight comfortable finish for sensitive skins, even though it is not specifically marketed at such skin types.

My only complaint would be, the usual, that there are not enough shades available to deal with the plethora of darker skin tones that now comprise the UK beauty market.

A picture to follow!

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