Mine’s a Warehouse skinny…

So apparently skinny jeans are so five years ago. Me, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect skinny. You know, the sort that actually stays where it is supposed to, with no sagging on day 2 of wear. It  would seem to be a big ask, if the number of skinnies I’ve gone through is anything to go by.  I usually find myself having to hoik them up every two minutes in an attempt to keep them in their rightful place, or just desperately tightening my belt ever further in an attempt to keep them from relentlessly sliding down (that’s if the darn things actually have belt loops!). Before you say it, this has nothing to do with me losing a few pounds since purchasing them, although, my Weight Watchers plan is going very well thank you. No, this really has more to do with the quality of said garments….

And here, dear readers, we come to the real crux of the issue. There just isn’t a good skinny to be had on the high street unles you have at least £100 plus to spend. Seriously, has the world gone mad!!?!? A £100 plus for a pair of JEANS!!! Call me old-fashioned, but my budget for such an everyday item is £40, given that most end up covered in baby and toddler sticky, yucky stuff by the end of the morning.

Anyway, apologies for the long rant/digression. What this post is really about is the most lovely pair of skinnies that I have finally found on the high street, in Warehouse of all places. I am not sure whether they actually quality a a pair of jeans, but nonetheless they come in the most amazingly lovely range of colours. Here’s a pic of the pair I bought, taken from the Warehouse website.

Ultra Skinny Jean

One thing I have learned about skinnies (and believe me it’s been a steep learning curve!) is that you need to buy a size down from your usual size (there you go, that’s my profound statement of the week!). But seriously, it’s the only way to keep the darn things in their rightful place, i.e. around your waist, and around your touche. Talking of which, I actually think that’s one of the things that makes this particular pair so perfect: they do up at the waist, and hence there seems to be less room for sagging.

This gorgeous pair of trousers come in other beautiful autumnal colours including teal (next on my ‘to buy’ list), brown and indigo. In fact, I would recommend all of the Warehouse autumn collection. If like me you had written them off slightly go and check out your local store, and let me know what you think!


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