A-Z about me (borrowed from a fellow blogger)

I loved this when I saw it on a fellow beauty blogger’s post (, so am adapting to make it about me. Feel free to do the same:

A – Age – 41 – sssshhhh, keep it to yourself!

B – Best holiday – hard one, but a throw up between my honeymoon in Barbados and my one and only time in Thailand.

C – Chores you hate – any kind of domestic cleaning…in fact one of the main reasons I continue to work is so that I can afford a cleaner…

D – Dogs – not a dog lover…judge me if you like….

E – Essential start to your day – COFFEE!

F – Favourite colour – blue. In the first flat I bought, literally every room in the house had something blue in it: walls, curtains, blinds, you name it! Now, I have a purple obsession.

G – Gold or silver – platinum darling, although I will put up with white gold!

H – Height – 5ft 4 inches

I – Instruments you play – the recorder!

J – Job title – freelance editor and journalist, although in a former life I was a lawyer. Now I would say my main occupation is being a mum, with the other stuff juggled in between that!

K – Kids – two gorgeous boys, who I am completely in love with

L – Live – now south west London, although I am ‘from all over’

M – Mother’s name – Nasim

N – Nickname – None really, although ‘Maari’ or ‘M’ seems to be popular in my family, and with my other half

O – Overnight hospital stays – quite a few

P – Pet Peeves – where do I start?! Bigotry would have to be pretty much up there; racism; institutionalised racism; narrow-mindedness…need I go on?!

Q – Quote from a film – too hard, too many films, but I love de Niro in general and ‘Taxi Driver’ has to be one of the best films every made…too many quotes in that to mention.

R – Religion – yes, I am religious. When you go through stuff in life sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps you sane.

S – Siblings – one sister

T – Time you wake up – whatever time my darling 2 year old wakes up at…at the moment around 4am!

U – Underwear – yes, underwear is essential; preferably clean.

V – Vegetable you hate – courgettes…I think I must have been fed many as a teenager in the 80s in casseroles and goodness knows what else!

W – Weddings: I LOVE weddings. I loved my own, and I love anyone else’s. In fact in my next life I am going to be a wedding planner.

X – X-rays you’ve had – on my teeth!

Y – Yummy food you make – cakes and curries!

Z – Zoo animal – My favourite zoo animals are any kind of wild cat; tigers are a particularly favourite.


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