Rant on foundations!

As you might be able to tell from my recent tweet I am still fuming about the fact that even in this day and age it is a major task trying to find the correct colour for an Asian skin tone (by which I mean Asian as in originating from the Indian sub-continent).
I came across this many years ago when YSL only produced its legendary concealer, ‘Touche eclat’ in two shades, neither of which were suitable for anyone who didn’t have a more caucasian skin tone. I know they do now have greater variety of colours of the ‘legendary’ concealer, but a part of  me still doesn’t use it on principle.

Now, fast forward ten years or so, and I find myself at Lancome in Selfridges, London, being served by someone who definitely had a relatively dark complexion, and so, I would have thought, would know which colour would work on me. In theory, this usually works, however, in this case it didn’t as she presented me with what I think might well have been the darkest shade in their palette. Incredulously, I told her that that wasn’t really the right colour for me. I say ‘incredulously’ as I had honestly thought that someone being employed by a leading cosmetics company in what must surely be one of their flagship counters in London (one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world) would have some knowledge of skin tone variation and what works on different skin tones.
I should really have known better, as my last foray into the world of Lancome foundations and concealers resulted in a complete disaster.

Said MUA did then mumble something about Lancome not really having anything suitable for my skin tone.

So, what I really don’t get about all of this is that surely the most important thing to a cosmetics company, you know the thing that’s going to keep them afloat, is making money. Not producing colours suitable to about 30-40% of the London market means that they are losing out on a huge market, as well as losing a hell of a lot of goodwill. The only real conclusion I can come to (seriously I am really trying to avoid using the ‘R’ word is here) is ignorance and laziness, and a complete lack of market research.


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