First home hair dye experience: L’Oreal Casting Creme

I have mentioned in a few posts now that I have been getting increasingly annoyed (slight understatement) with a over zealous highlighting session that had left my fringe a lovely brassy shade of blonde. I have tried everything to try and tone it down, but to no avail. Having up to now relied on hairdressers and colourists to do any colouring and highlighting for me, last Sunday I finally worked up the courage to try the L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss I had bought quite a few months ago in ‘Chocolate’

Fortunately it turned out to be an experience well worth blogging about.

It’s incredibly easy to use, even for a complete novice such as myself, and in total only requires about an hour or so (including application and rinsing time) to work.

Here is the result:

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in 'Chocolate'

My hair following my first home hair dye experience

On the whole I am quite pleased, although I don’t actually think the colour qualifies as ‘Chocolate’ per se, but is more of a reddish brown.

L’Oreal are currently running quite a fun ‘Cast Yourself’ competition that readers still have a chance to enter, with the winner being given the opportunity to appear in a L’Oreal advert alongside Cheryl Cole no less. The competition ends tomorrow (27th November) so do it now if this sounds like your bag.

Here are the details:

‘L’Oréal Paris is looking for three girls to star in the next Casting Crème Gloss advert alongside spokesmodel, Cheryl Cole. From 31 October to 27th November, fans of Casting Crème Gloss will be able to cast themselves in the role of either: deep brunette, fiery redhead or honey blonde.

To enter visit and click on the application button which appears on the left hand side of the page, follow the steps to enter and upload a picture of yourself then ask friends and family to cast their vote from the 28thNovember to 4th December 2011.

The most popular brunettes, redheads and blondes will be shortlisted for a L’Oréal Paris Casting Day where you will receive a makeover by our hair & makeup artists in preparation for a live audition, in front of a panel of judges. This will be your chance to go in front of the camera and tell us why you love Casting Crème Gloss. And yes, you can even utter those famous words, “Because you’re worth it!’

The winners will then be chosen to appear in an exclusive new L’Oréal Paris advert alongside Cheryl.’



  1. I love casting creme gloss! I use this shade a lot, it comes out quite red on me too x

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