My afternoon tea dress

I was lucky enough to be taken out for afternoon tea at the Chancery Court Hotel in High Holborn this week. (What a gorgeous hotel!)

I gained a crazy amount of weight when pregnant with my second, and my weight is still dropping, two years later. Most of my dresses, or at least the ones that might have been suitable for the occasion, look too big on me; it definitely called for a new LBD.

Warehouse is brilliant and so affordable when it comes to ‘crisis dresses’. The one I picked up is made of soft brush cotton and falls in a very flattering way;  the cute little tan belt it comes with adding a really contemporary feel. You might not be able to see from the picture below, but it has really lovely ruching around the shoulders as well, again giving it a really contemporary feel.

It’s great for dressing up or dressing down, and I can see myself wearing this to a few Christmas ‘do’s’; I wore it with maroon tights and some black boots to my afternoon, but it could very easily be dressed down with some jeans for weekends or more casual affairs.

I’ll post a picture of myself in it at some point, but here is a picture from the Warehouse website in the meantime (

This particular one costs £35, and also comes in fuchsia and navy, although there are variations on the theme in different prints.

(Please note that the dress is not as short on me as it is on this model. I’m around 5ft 4inches, and it comes to just above my knee!)

Snaffle Belted Dress


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