A brow just for Scousers?

If you’ve not been watching ‘reality’/’fly on the wall’ shows (I use the term ridiculously loosely here), such as TOWIE (aka ‘The only way is Essex’), ‘Made in Chelsea’ and more recently ‘Desperate Scousewives’  you may have missed the most recent ‘beauty’ phenomenon, also known as the ‘Scouse brow’.

Before and after: The poor unsuspecting model who was given the 'Scouse brow' on last night's premiere episode of Desperate Scousewives

Note the use of an eyebrow pencil to create this delightful look in the very first episode of ‘Desperate Scousewives’.

An article in The Telegraph yesterday suggested that there are whispers that Kate Middleton may have had something to do with this look. Far be it from me to judge, but you can read my views on Ms. Middleton’s wedding make up here: http://mbbmore.com/2011/05/04/ms-middletons-brows/.

If you read my blog regularly you will know that I have a bit of a thing about brows…if done properly they can make or break a look (see earlier post on Blink Brow Bar: http://mbbmore.com/2011/02/17/hair-removal-part-one/).

I am also a huge fan of the bushy brow. Overplucking is a definite no, no as far as I’m concerned. My mantra here is simple: ‘If you don’t know what you’re doing don’t touch’em!’

So, although I am not advocating the above look, done properly the bushy brow can look amazing.

The trick is to avoid the dreaded eyebrow pencil (I have yet to come across one that can create a ‘natural’ look), and, it goes without saying, that the use of fake tan with this look is a complete no-no (unless you are actually an aspiring WAG):

Desperate Scousewives cast members

If you do, however, have a naturally fuller brow though, this is your time to shine! The trend is for a slighty undefined brow, (think Brooke Shields, as opposed to Tamara Ecclestone) and not to obsess. The more you obsess, the more you are likely to tweeze and draw in, which also means getting away from what is essentially quite an understated and paired down look.

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