OPI gel nail polish

A longer post on some new Laura Mercier stuff is coming up imminently. However, for now I just wanted to share my OPI gel nails. The first set I had done was a bronzy beige colour and was applied at the OPI nail bar at Selfridges, but rather dissappointingly, only lasted 10 days or so before they started chipping.

So, I am hoping for better luck with this second set, which also came to £35 although done at a local nail bar. So far I love them.

The whole process of applying takes about 45 minutes.

The finish is very glossy and shiny, and I think I am completely hooked! What’s particularly brilliant is that once the top coat is applied they are completely touch dry and ready to go. No need for care, which is ideal for clumsy people like me who always manage to smudge their nails within 5 minutes of having them done!

The only downside: as with a lot of gel nails, the OPI colour range was a bit limited.

When you do eventually want to take them off, they need soaking off at a nail bar.

In terms of maintenance, the downside with gel nails is that they do dry out your natural nail, so some kind of nourishing treatment along the lines of Solar Oil or the Avoplex one I have blogged about is recommended.

OPI gel nails

Gleaming and glossy deep red


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