The one about the Zara bag…

This is one of those irritating posts where I rave about something that’s probably already sold out at Zara. That’s actually the fundamental problem with reviewing anything that’s sold at Zara…you’ve got to be quick off the mark, otherwise it’s gone before you’ve finished reading this post.

Anyway, despite the drawbacks, here is the aforementioned Zara bag:

Zara bucket bag in blue

It’s a smaller version of the tan bucket bag which proved to be so popular at the Spanish retailer. I wasn’t mad keen on the larger version, as giant bags do tend to look slightly ridiculous on little old (5ft 4inch) me. I could probably have carried my two year old in the larger version. (Although the argument goes that the bigger the bag, the smaller and skinnier you look (see pic of Olivia Polermo in link below!).

Anyway, mine is the sleeker, smaller model (called the ‘Mini Shopper’) which I think only comes in blue at the moment. It’s leather, although from afar it does have a slightly plasticky look about it. My only complaint would be that I can never find anything in it…although I have put a smaller leather hold-all inside mine to hold keys, phone etc…. There is a pouch inside this bag which you can tighten to prevent anyone from nicking your valuables btw.

Zara’s USP is ‘from the catwalks straight to the high street’ and into your wardrobe, and it does so in record time, which is why the turnover in their shops is so high. It’s a case of ‘going, going, gone forever’. Once it’s sold out, there’s no more coming…well except for with really popular stuff. Here’s a link to the Zara website featuring the bag with more pics:

The larger version of this bucket bag seems to have gained cult status (here’s a link showing Olivia Polermo carrying the larger version of the bag:  As a result, Zara has brought this bigger version out in quite a few colours over a few seasons, so there’s always hope that the same might happen with this little beauty, which I bought for around £60.

Oh yes, and a word of warning: if you are feeling a bit skint, I would advise against going into Zara, as they have got some beautiful stuff in at the moment.



  1. this bag also comes in red!

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