First OFTD ever…

This is my first ever Outfit of the Day post, for the simple reason that I can think of nothing worse than having pictures of my good self emblazoned across this blog. As you may have noticed if you are a regular reader,  most of my fashion posts feature models. That way I can at least pretend that I am still my pre-kids size 8-self.

Anyway, this shot is a bit of an experiment, and it also gives me a chance to show you my Urban Outfitters knit top (bought in the sale for £25 from Brighton). I call it a knit top, as opposed to a jumper, as it’s a lovely fine knit that is perfect for this kind of weather. I am still wondering what I should wear underneath it…an oversize shirt maybe?

Love, love, love UO…even though arguably I am nowadays looking a bit mutton shopping in it…Incidentally, I have also bought a rather gorgeous pair of print black and white leggings from there (very retro 90s).

Here I am wearing the knit top with a  necklace I picked up from H&M. Just an experiment to see how I feel about wearing a longer necklace before I go and buy a more pricey one. I’ve doubled it up here, which makes it a bit more wearable.

Oh yes, and that’s my new Zara jeans. Here’s a link, as I don’t think you can see them properly in this pic. They have a zip at the hem, which can be adjusted depending on how narrow you want them.

Actually, now that I am watching this on my post, I am thinking is this a bit casual for my first OFTD….who knows?

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