If you do one thing…

What a miserable rainy day…and what a perfect day for taking your little one to the libary…unlike the various soft plays that are popping up all over the place it’s completely free.

I took my two year old to my local library yesterday. I am ashamed to say I don’t do it often enough with him. Other stuff like work, playdates, karate, swimming and tennis lessons seem to get in the way, and yet it is one of my favourite places to take my kids.

Call me old fashioned, but there is something so lovely about the musty smell of those well-thumbed books. It brings back memories of my own childhood: books and my local library were my escape from an otherwise confusing and sometimes even tumultuous childhood and adolescence. I must have spent endless hours during summer holidays escaping an otherwise dreary reality in my local library (at one time was even considering a career as a librarian).

As I took my little one to the library yesterday I looked around and wondered how much longer libraries would be around for. More and more of us are reading books from Kindles, Ipads and Iphones. What place will our local library have in this digital new world that are now inhabiting? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the digital revolution, but if it means we are no longer going to be picking up books it seems slightly sad as well…

I may be in the minority here (goodness knows that I have in the past had terrible trouble convincing nannies that it was a fun outing for my little ones) but if there is one thing I am desperately keen to pass on to my kids it’s the joy of reading. Of picking up a book and just escaping:

Visit your local library



  1. I’m just waiting for the day when our girls stop trying to tear books apart so I can take them to the library and show them just how wonderful it can be, I’ve got some brilliant memories of our local library when I was at school and hopefully our daughters will learn just how lovely a place it can be.

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