Ever seen a blind man cross the road…

It’s the first line of ‘Handbags & Gladrags’ that’s inspiring this post, cos yesterday I actually did…see a blind man cross the road, that is.

What a mundane and utterly boring thing to write about you might say…well not really,  not mundane enough if you ask me…especially when I tell you that it was a actually a blind man being helped across the road by a random 30something chap who didn’t know him from Adam…who then, upon having helped him across the road, gave him directions to where he wanted to go and wished him a good day… not mundane enough, certainly not in these parts…. We’re all so busy shoving each other out of the way, and throwing each of filthy looks in our bid to get to wherever it is we’re going to, that I suspect most 20 or 30somethings wouldn’t even have noticed this particular moment of kindness unfolding…

In other, and more trifling, news, I just bought these, in a moment of madness, when the sun briefly peeped through the endless and tiresome rain, rain and more rain. This, I believe, will more than suffice as my pop of colour for the season. £15 from the Office sale for anyone who’s interested:


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