Handbags and necklaces…what more do you need on a rainy day in May?!

I should be blogging about this sort of stuff all the time; it’s not that I’m not buying and seeing new things all the time. It’s just the effort it takes to take photos, upload etc. etc. (Love Instagram, so much easier!).

I am slightly obsessed with Zara at the moment…slightly late to the party I know, but here’s a new bag I bought yesterday.

I’ve been on the hunt for a nice grey, leather bag for a while, and I wasn’t finding my Zara mini-shopper particularly practical (I’m selling it, in case anyone’s interested). I really just wanted a light cross-body bag that is easy to carry when you have children and buggy in tow. As for the grey, it just seems to work so well with so many different colours, and the neon orange stripe really lifts it. You’ll notice I’ve put a knot in the strap: I found the strap slightly long, if I’m honest, but no other complaints other than that. It retails for £39.99, which I think is quite good given that it’s leather.

I haven’t been able to find this bag online, and it was only available in beige in my local Kingston branch, so you may have to trek into Central London, like I did, to pick up this particular little beauty!

Also in this pic, is the cat necklace I picked up from Whistles using my £15 voucher which came with the May copy of ‘Elle’ magazine. I must admit, I haven’t bought Elle magazine in a while but I am really loving what Whistles are doing at the moment. This necklace is quite long and usually costs £35.

There is an ‘owl’ version of this necklace as well, and I did struggle deciding which one to get…but this one won the day! My kids love it as well, and can’t stop talking about it, so it’s a bit of a conversation piece as well!


  1. super cute! and you should be blogging about this type of stuff all the time, trust me it’s fun! 🙂

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