St. Ives scrubs

I don’t often (or not as often as I’d like!) get invited to a private members’ club in the heart of Covent Garden, so when an invitation arrived via Handpicked Community to go to the Forest Room in the very snazzy Hospital Club I couldn’t really say no.

The event was hosted by St. Ives,  to show off their fabulous range of facial scrubs, which seem to cater for most skin types. We got to try out the scrubs (which have been recently repackaged) as well as sample some delicious canapes and apricot cocktails:

Soft drinks and apricot cocktails at the Hospital Club

Delicious drinks

St. Ives scrubs use only natural ingredients

The lovely display in the Forest Room at the St. Ives event

In addition to getting to meet some lovely fellow bloggers, for me one of the highlights of the evening was meeting ‘Psychologies magazine’ beauty director, Emine Ali Rushton (lovely lady) who gave a talk on beauty through the ages, full of fascinating titbits. Emine looked immaculate on the night. Here she is channelling a very ‘retro’ 90s vibe:

Emine looking fly in the Forest Room at the Hospital Club

Emine Ali Rushton in the aptly named ‘Forest Room’

What impressed me most about St. Ives’ range of scrubs is that they are all paraben-free and made purely of natural products (they all contain apricots, walnuts and corn kernels). What’s more St. Ives scrubs are widely available on the high street, and are incredibly affordable at a mere £5.10. At that price you really can’t go wrong!

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