Jungle fever at Dorothy Perkins: new Summer collection

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Dorothy Perkins. So when I got a chance to go along to view their latest collection, I literally jumped at the chance.  It’s a brand that really reasonates with me, as it’s got me through my thin times (size 6 (!) pre-kids), and not so thin timesa (size 16 (gulp) post-pregnancy).

As always, Dorothy Perkins has managed to interpret many of the key trends of the season in a really wearable way.

Take the lace trend that I’m still trying to suss out. Here’s the top that makes it wearable for all:

Dorothy Perkins S/S 12

Gorgeous wearable laceIf

And if, like me, you are into all things that glitter and sparkle, here’s the bag for us both!

Gorgeous sparkly bag at a DP near you

How perfect is this bag?!

The collection as a whole has a fabulous Safari vibe  to it, as can be seen in the various shoes, bags and other accessories. Here are some more pics to you give you a feel for what will be hitting a DP near you soon:

Dorothy Perkins Summer 2012 collection

Gorgeous summer dress from Dotty Perks

Perfect for the beach!

Accessories at Dorothy Perkins

DP’s take on the jungle trend

And another perfect top, that would work well with skinny jeans or leggings, whatever your shape:

Key piece for your wardrobe from DP

Perfect to cover a multitude of sins!

The Summer collection will be available in June/ July at  a Dorothy Perkins near you, or alternatively at



  1. Love that crochet top & the sparkly bag!

    Nic x

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