Happy Jubileeeee…randoms

Oh god, I haven’t blogged in ages…I have no excuse…busy with school, kids running havoc in my house over the long weekend, making too many Jubilee-style cupcakes (no pics of these I’m afraid! They got consumed pretty sharpish!) and trying to do my new ‘Slim to Six’ fitness routine, which involves an hour’s exercise every day….(I have failed miserably on that count!).

And to cheer myself up during the last few exhausting, rainy days, I have bought the  following:

A pair of light blue chinos from Next for £26  and my new Havaianas in purple, orange and light blue (I am sooo loving that colour combination!)

The chinos are sooo comfy, and come in lilac as well as dark grey, but this was definitely my favourite colour. I didn’t think I’d be able to carry these off (being a bit of a pear-shape) but they are incredibly comfortable and flattering, and much better for the hopefully hotter days ahead!

My Jubilee look (where's the red?!)

Here’s another photo of those Havaianas I mentioned earlier as well. Inexplicably, the camera kept picking up the purple as blue…all I can say is that these are actually a true deep purple:

Purple, orange and light blue Havaianas


And finally, here’s a quick pic of me wearing my new fave lippie: Nars Matte lipstick in ‘Carthage’. I’m sorry for not doing a proper swatch (what kind of a beauty blogger am I?!), but I hope this gives a good idea of it. If you are looking for a true matte lipstick, these ones from Nars are pretty failsafe. The colour/pigmentation is pretty formidable (as with all things from Nars). My only complaint (probably not the right word to use, as I LOVE this lippie) is that it dries my lips a bit. You can add a bit of balm on top to get rid of this dryness, but it does tend to take away from the lovely matt look. Anyway, here’s the pic as promised:

Nars Matte lippie in 'Carthage'



  1. I love that lip colour 🙂

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