Rant about designer bags

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I have a real bee in my bonnet about designer ‘it’ bags. In a nutshell, I prefer the bag not to do the talking for me…..

I appreciate that I am in the minority here. Understandable really when every magazine or fashion blog is telling us that £700 Mulberry or Chloe bag is the one to be seen with, the ‘must have’ item of the season, the one that will make your wardrobe and your life complete.

I have no desire to part with my hard earned cash on either of said items…it’s a bag people, it holds your stuff…it doesn’t need to cost the equivalent of a month’s rent! There are plenty of nice bags on the high street, many of them are in fact rip offs of said bags anyway.

There are girls half my age (I am 42 this month) who are craving and often buying bags that should really be out of their price range. What happened to going to a local Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins or indeed Zara to pick up a bag that for under £100 or in fact under £50.

Here are some great examples, all taken from Zara’s latest collection, to prove my point:




You can’t beat a good tan bag! The last two of these are both leather and all retail for under £100. What are you waiting for?!

In other news, I finally got to try some Inika stuff in John Lewis, Oxford Street yesterday. It’s a brand I was introduced to at QVC’s press day a few weeks ago. Really impressed by their liquid foundation (tan worked best for me, shade wise).

John Lewis are currently selling this for £29 and throwing a quite marvellous foundation brush in for free. A decent offer, although I have since found better deals online on the same foundation (without the brush though…).

More info on Inika, a completely organic Australian brand, can be found here:



  1. Oooh I hear your bag rant. You should meet Charlotte, the owner of Mia Tui (miatui.com), she is of the same opinion about bags, hers are really good, useful AND good value. I love those ones from Zara, tan bags are fab, Zara has started making really good bags in the last few years. I never really liked their bags before to be honest, plus in Spain we had Misako for cheap (although not lasting) bags

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