Primark is flying the flag in a slightly more tasteful way

Forgive me Father for I have succumbed….to the Union Jack that is.

Let me explain.

Olympics or no Olympics, I have yet to be convinced that we (whoever that may be) have truly ‘reclaimed the flag’.

Call me churlish, and it may just be a hangover of growing up in the 80s when such items were really only worn by skinheads and members of the NF, but I am not a fan of the Union Jack being sported on all clothing unless you are actually in the Olympic team, in which case that’s a different matter entirely.

Anyway, such ridiculously deep and meaningful thoughts aside (this is a beauty and fashion blog after all) here are some slightly more tasteful items I picked up, as sported by my two boys, from Primark no less. They feature the obligatory Union Jack and the much sought-after (by all boys under the age of 10 (and maybe over)) ‘Superman’ logo.

Primark Superman logo t-shirt

As with all things from Primark both were ridiculously cheap: £8 for the hoody and £4 for the t-shirt.

Seeing this picture makes me think: ‘maybe my kids generation really are reclaiming the flag and making it their own’


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