‘Limited Collection’ nail colours

You gotta love M&S for their new make up range. Especially if, like me, you are well and truly feeling the pinch at the moment. I can’t get enough of their new range of Limited Collection nail varnishes, costing a mere £3.50 each. At that price you can’t really complain too much, especially when the colours are so gorgeous.

I’ve taken a particular liking to ‘Cappuccino’ which actually is really a sort of glittery beige. It’s an incredibly hard shade to find but is just perfection for every day, as the sparkle just lifts it from the boring and predictable to give it a bit of a ‘va va voom’. Stila used to do a very similar shade years ago called ‘Juno’ which I was similarly addicted to.

What’s obviously great about beige is that it doesn’t look too skanky once it starts chipping.

Here’s a pic of my current nail armoury, consisting of the above nail varnish, ‘Nail Envy’ by OPI (a complete godsend if you suffer from brittle nails – I’ve been applying it religiously for a few months now), and finally ‘Save the Nail’ top coat, which I’ve tweeted about, and seems to be doing the job nicely:


I’ve got a few other colours up my sleeve from the LC range, which I’ll post about shortly, but here’s a pic of ‘Cappuccino’ for now:


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