L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail collection

Can’t actually believe I am doing a second post in a week…woohoo!

I am writing this while my nails are still drying. The new Colour Riche collection from L’Oreal was launched earlier this year, but I have only just spotted it in Boots. It is quite frankly delectable.

41 gel-based, incredibly contemporary shades which apparently provide longlasting colour. Cunningly, L’oreal have brought this varnish out in some really on trend colours, many of which I’ve have been dying to get my hands on. These mini varnishes are a snip at £4.99.

I was a bit torn between the khaki green varnish and a gorgeous cobalt blue, but plumped for the green as it really reminded me of a Zoya shade I had seen reviewed earlier this year. Zoya is a brand that is not widely available yet, but this shade from L’Oreal comes pretty close to the intensity of colour. It’s called ‘Rive Gauche Green’:

L'Oreal Colour Riche nail colours

The brushes on these varnishes are really well thought out, unlike a lot of cheap nail varnishes, and are flat and wide paddle brush, perfect for accurate application.

The final product is quite an intense colour. The picture below was taken in daylight (with my hand stuck out the window!) but very annoyingly my phone is still not picking up the khakiness of this shade…it’s not actually this bright, but quite a subtle green, very much like in the bottle:

'Rive Gauche Green' nails by L'Oreal


And here’s another pic taken on my macbook, which shows the colour slightly more accurately…:

'Rive Gauche Green' from L'Oreal

If you want to see the full range of colours check out:


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