Where’s the work ethic gone: the Danica trend

I’ve been perusing quite a lot of blogs today…it’s been interesting to say the least. Quite a lot of younger bloggers, in particular beauty bloggers, seem to have incredibly lavish/opulent lifestyles. The journalist/nosey parker in me is dying to know how such bloggers actually support their life styles. Some might say it’s just jealousy on my part, and it might well be. I never had the luxury of being able to live in London without working; my parents being from the sticks and all. From the moment I moved here at the age of 24 I’ve had to pay rent…fortunately for me I had a decent education and so, at least in the heady 90s, pretty much walked into most jobs. In all that time I was only out of work for one month, when my dad had to help me pay my rent.

One of the disadvantages of being a freelancer is that the maternity benefits are piss poor, and so that work ethic has had to continue, by necessity, into motherhood. With both my sons I was back working within a few months. Not at the most high-powered of jobs, admittedly, but back at work.

Anyone else watching CBB at the moment. I am ashamed admit that I am hooked…in particular on the shenanigans of Danica and her abilities to entice the guys into her lair. Interesting to note that in ‘real life’ she makes a living out of a website where she lists things that she wants in return for which a night out etc. with her is promised.

So here’s the question: does Danica represent a whole generation brought up on the internet and reality shows such as The Hills (opulent California lifestyle) and more recently, Keeping up with the Kardashians (ditto). Girls who aspire to nothing more than an opulent lifestyle, consisting of bling, designer handbags and more bling.

With girls outperforming boys academically year on year, it would be a shame if the trend were to continue.

I don’t have daughters myself, but if I did, I know that if there is one thing I would want to instill in them, more than anything else it’s the importance of being finacially self-sufficient, to the extent that you can. Call me old-fashioned, but for me, it is inextricably linked with self-worth.


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