Leather at Mango


I’ve been trying to find a decent leather jacket, which fulfills the ‘biker’ criteria since the beginning of the summer. Hunting high and low in London, I rather depressingly came to the conclusion that unless I had about £300 to spare a nice leather jacket was to remain out of my grasp. My budget of £150 max. was only likely to yield a poor PVC imitation in London it would seem. The other problem I had was that traditional biker jackets really don’t suit my shape. Doing the zip up required a lot of breathing in, and not too much breathing out.

In the end I gave up. Our holiday in Mallorca at the end of July saw me start my search for a genuine leather jacket with renewed vigour. Mallorca is a fab place, if like me, you have a leather obsession. Leather jewellery sells for the same in Euros as you would get it in £ over here….a trip to a gorgeous new Mango shop in Palma proved to be quite an eye-opener. The Spanish retailer never seems to have generated the same amount of buzz in the UK as Zara (despite currently having Mossy fronting their campaigns). A lot of it, I suspect, is to do with the way is shop is laid out over here. In Palma, Mango certainly has a more upmarket feel to it, and and I uncovered this little beauty whilst wandering around:

Mango: A/W 2012 leather jacket

You can see further images of it here, although I actually don’t think they do it justice:

The leather is incredibly soft and it definitely fulfills the biker criteria with its cross stitching detail under the arms and the zips (not visible in the above pics) on the sleeves.

The fit is a lot more flattering that a ‘proper’ biker jacket. The back is elasticated so making it quite roomy  and comfy, and the incredibly soft leather has a really decent amount of give in it. It also fills the ‘biker’ criteria nicely, with some lovely stitch detailing under the arms. The price: a relatively affordable £114 (although I got mine for less in Palma).



  1. Susan Papadopoulos says:

    Hi. The jacket does look lovely on you. Do you mind telling what size it is? I would like to purchase it but I am not sure about which size to order. Thank you.

    • Hi Susan, this is a ‘L’, which fits comfortably with room for a jumber underneath. The ‘M’ was a bit snug on me. I am usually anything from a size 10-14.:)

      • Susan Papadopoulos says:

        Thank you very much! Your reply was really helpful.

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