Food for thought…

Here’s my confession for the week: despite my younger son being nearly three, I still have about a stone or so of ‘baby weight’ (I use that term loosely) to shift, before I am back to my former self. The first few stone of pregnancy weight pretty much melted away, without very much effort, and yet this last stubborn stone is still there.

It’s frustrating to say the least. Gone are the days when I merely had to think myself thin and the weight just melted off. I have a pretty healthy diet and lifestyle. I run and exericise at the gym three times a week, and don’t often overindulge. My one vice is probably a ridiculously syrupy coffee bought from Starbucks every morning. Whilst the purists might say that that has to go if I really want to lose that stubborn weight, I refuse to begrudge myself that small luxury in the mornings. It’s like a beacon waiting for me at the end of the school run: a nice sweet, hot drink.

Fay Weldon, in today’s Times comments in the Style section: ‘I decided that as you grew older , you had to let either your face or your body go. I gave up the body and thereafter spent money on face creams and shoes’.

A mum at my son’s school jokingly made the same comment to me a few months ago, and I jokingly responded that that’s obviously why I hadn’t bothered losing the weight.

But seeing it in black and white, in print has made me pause and think. Despite being told frequently that I do not look my age (42 this year) I know that things are definitely heading in a downward direction:  there is a definite weariness that most definitely was not there 10 years ago.

It’s tempting to follow Fay’s philosophy, but I suspect I’ll keep on fighting that flab and hope that this will finally be the year that I shift those final 14 lbs, in the hope that I will return to former size 8 glories. Although in the back of my mind, I do wonder whether what really waits at the other end might be a tad more dissappointing.



  1. God help me then! I’m not yet 30 and shattered every night! I do have two children under three though, so that’s my excuse!

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