The perfect work trousers?

I have a new job working for a professional services organisation in-house. I am excited and nervous about it in equal measures. The last time I was in a similar environment was a very short stint as a very junior solicitor. I left the legal profession shortly after that to go into publishing,  writing and more recently PR.

After my intial trepidation and fear of the unknown came the panicked realisation that I have very little formal work wear that actually fits me and could be classed as formal and yet comfortable office attire.

A trip into town was required. I have to say the current fad for peplums and tight jackets is not the most flattering unless you are a size 6-8, so it was only after a very long search that I came upon a rather fetching pair of trousers at Zara:

These feature an elasticated waistband and just fall beautifully. They also come in dark/navy blue, with a very fine, barely there, pin stripe running through them, which is the colour I bought, although I am tempted to go back for the black as well!
Zara work trousers in navy with blue pinspripe
I’m only 5ft 4 inches, and these sit perfectly on me. Just slightly longer than on the model above.
It may be a slippery slope from here to other elasticated items, but they really are just too comfortable to resist!
Grab’em while you can:

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