October ramblings

I’ve been so consumed with sorting out childcare for my two days in the office; having a miserable cold and all sorts of other boring stuff that I keep not finding the time to blog.

I have got two exciting reviews coming up soon. One on Aveda’s ‘Invati’ range for thinning hair, and one on a new and rather fabulous toothbrush from Colgate, which seems to be transforming my teeth…so watch this space!

I’ve also finally got around to actually purchasing a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in ‘Plum’, which has been on my ‘need to buy’ list for almost a year, from Amazon, and I am literally gagging to try it and review it….

For now, here are a pair of leather Ash trainers I’ve got my eye on. I first spotted these on Laura’s fabuloso blog (Buy Now, Blog Later) and have managed to find a pair on ebay for under £100…just waiting for pay day!

They are quite ‘studdy’ so am slightly nervous about wearing them, but I think they are just brilliant for jazzing up the most boring outfit. Check out for more details.

These also come in black leather and in white canvas, but I definitely think the grey leather is the best. What do you think?


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