Fade to grey

If you don’t know the Visage classic, shame on you! Well, it was either that or another tired variation on a Shades of Grey headline, although if I’m honest that would have been more apt, as this post is about my obsession with finding the perfect grey nail polish.

To date I have bought: M&S Limited Collection nail polish in ‘City Grey’, Top Shop nails in ‘Tidal’ (if I’m honest it wasthe name thatdrew me to this one) and, most recently, Essie nail lacquer in ‘Cocktail bling’, which, I have to say is the most inappropriate name for this one, unless cocktails do actually come in grey nowadays?!

Here’s a pic of the Top Shop one. I have to say I have a slight obsession with Top Shop make up; the packaging is always fab and its all relatively cheap. Having said that I’m not convinced about the quality yet, except for these nail varnishes, which always last surprisingly well, given they only cost £5. As you’ll see from the pic it’s quite a pale grey, so may not be everyone’s cup of tea:

My most recent purchase is the Essie which, at £8, is also the most expensive. That extra £3 does buy you a pretty classy colour though with that extra staying power. I can see this one staying f a firm favourite, as its classy enough to wear to work, and different enough to take you through the weekend:

(Sorry for the quality on this one, but it does shoe the colour pretty accurately!):

In other news, I’ve ajust just bought a mini iPad and am now hopefully going to start blogging more often again, with a brill new app I’ve just downloaded!;)


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