Bronzer find

So, for once I’m actually able to review something that has literally just launched in this country: Laura Mercier’s ‘Baked Blush Bronzer’ in ‘Ritual’ is part of its new Summer 2013 Folklore Collection.

I just happened to be in the market for a decent bronzer, to bring a bit of colour to my increasingly pallid complexion (which I blame entirely on the appalling Spring we are having!)

My blusher collection in varying degrees of pink is bursting at the seams, but what I was really after was something’s to give a bit of a glow, without looking too made up. 

This new bronzer fits the bill perfectly:

A great bronzer from Laura Mercier

It gives a great natural, glowy look without being giving you ‘rosy cheeks’

New Laura Mercier Bronzer summer 2013

I found it quite difficult to capture the colour of this bronzer on camera, all I can say is that it’s a lot brighter than it looks here:

Laura Mercier in Ritual bronzer

This retails in the UK for around £29, so not cheap, but I can really see this becoming a staple for me this Spring, at least until the darn sun decides to make an appearance!

One final thing I would say is that there are a few similar looking products on the market at the moment. For example, I bought one from Top Shop about a month ago called ‘Cheek Duo’ in ‘Desert Sun’. It retails for around £12. Although I usually love their stuff, I would have to say that on this occasion you really get what you pay for. The colour impact of the Laura Mercier Bronzer from just a light application is amazing….and in my opinion there is no comparison! 


For further info and images on the Laura Mercier folklore collection check out x



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