Chelsea Day Spa

I had the most amazing back, neck and shoulder massage at the Chelsea Day on Hollywood Road (glam name for a glam area!) today, so thought I would give it a quick mention here.

For those that don’t know Chelsea (daaahling), its opposite the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

if you can’t get up there, there are other branches on Wandsworth Bridge Road and Kings Road.

I’ve had quite a few back massages in my time as its the part of my body that tenses and tightens the most when I’m stressed; added to which I’ve long suffered from a frozen shoulder…so I can definitely tell a good massage from a mediocre one, and,tbh, most of the ones I’ve had have fallen into the latter category!

Noemi (pronounced ‘Naomi’), is Spanish and has trained there, as well as in South India. She seems to get that fine balance of applying just the right amount of pressure without it being overly painful.

She puts her technique down to the time she has spent on courses in Asia, perfecting her art. The end result is a truly amazing massage that stands head of shoulders (no pun intended) above the rest.

The Spa is currently offering ‘Early Bird’ deals for those who can manage to get their before 12pm on a weekday. My massage was only £25.

Other deals include 2-for-1 on a whole body massage for £60, and a course of 5 back/neck/shoulder massages for £60.

Here’s my lame pic of the Hollywood Road Spa:

For further info check out 🙂


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