Stila lippie post

I know, I know this post was long overdue…and it’s not for a lack of interesting things to blog about…just life and work taking over as per usual…

I’ve developed a bit of an orange obsession over the last few months….orange nails, orange lippie…you name it..along the way I’ve acquired some favourites.

On the nails front “Essie” is coming out particularly well as my new ‘go-to’ nail varnish brand. The zingiest shade they do, bought from Amazon for next to nothing, is: “Fear & Desire”. It’s the perfect zingy summer shade, and works great with a tan:

Top Shop Helter 2 Part Geek Sandal

As seen here modelled with my new Top Shop sandals.

I won’t go into how many sandals Ive bought this summer; it probably deserves a post in it’s own right!

My other great find this summer has been a “Stila Colour Balm” lippie bought this weekend in. Unlike a lot of balm lipsticks this is not at all sheer thankfully. My favoured shade: Valentina (orange poppy) (of course!). Perfectly scrumptious and long lasting, with a cooling peppermint oil in it to make your lips feel zingy as well as moisturised. The price tag: £16. Given that I love this lippie and will be using it endlessly I think I can justify that price tage.

And the case is just gorgeous too:

Gorgeous Stila Colour Balm Lippie in

And here’s a pic of me wearing my new Colour Lip Balm by Stila, looking suitably moody with my new hair.

Stila Colour Balm



  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    Your nail polish is fab!

    – KW

  2. cute sandals and love the colour of the nail polish!

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