Nip + Fab Body Fix range

Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix and Circulation Fix Body Scrub

I picked up both of these Nip + Fab ( products from Boots a few weeks ago. I’ve recently lost another stone thanks to the 5 to 2 diet, and thought that this would work nicely alongside my exercise regime, as both products are to be designed to be used post-work out.

The scrub claims to ‘jump start’ the body and to polish. It contains menthol and is quite pleasant and easy to apply (I’m not usually a scrub fan as I just find them so messy). I’d have to say that my skin definitely feels smoother after using this. It also claims to boost circulation (as any scrub would I suspect) , but by itself wouldn’t help shift any cellulite or firm skin in my opinion. It it is a very pleasant scrub to use though, and I am seriously considering getting some more of this. My main issue would be that the tube barely lasted a few weeks, and that’s despite not using it regularly.

The other product in the range I am trying is ‘Body Slim Fix’ 2-in-1 body moisturiser and toning gel, which is supposed to help ‘refine and sculpt your body contours’ if applied in a circular motion after a shower. It has been touted as helping weight loss, which is a pretty big claim to live up to! One catch: it needs to be applied twice daily, preferably after a work out! . This product contains green coffee, which is currently getting a lot of hype as a  slimming aid that supposedly a lot of celebrities are using.

I guess until I start using this regularly, I shouldn’t really comment; all I’ll say for now is that it hasn’t lived up to its claim just yet…

It doubles up as a moisturiser but can leave the skin feeling a bit sticky after use, and isn’t instantly absorbed.

If you’ve tried this range, I’d love to hear your views! Should I persevere? Both products are in the £15-20 bracket so I guess cheaper than some ‘body contouring’ ranges, but I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as affordable!

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