5 to 2: what a turkey!

Turkey slices on the 5 to 2

Continuing on my theme of healthy things to eat on the 5 to 2 diet, or any other fasting diet for that matter: I give you the humble turkey!

The trick on fast days is to stick to green veg, low cal fruit (such as berries) and white meat.

This week’s revelation was how few calories there in turkey slices. Less than any other white meat that I can think of, so it’s definitely a meat to eat all year ’round, and not just save for Christmas!

Morrisons do a pack of four quite chunky turkey slices that work out at around 123 calories per 100 g, which means that you can eat three out of those slices without having made too major an inroad into your calorie count for the day.

I like to have these as a mid-day snack to keep me going until the evening; and they really are surprisingly filling!

Later in the week I’ll tackle another great source of protein: eggs – the cheap and quick snack food.

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