All Saints Cargo Biker jacket: finally you’re mine!!

I’ve finally given up my PR contract in Kent, so am back to being a predominantly home-based freelancer, which I am rather excited about. The two hour commute to Tunbridge Wells and back twice a week was, quite frankly, a killer. I’m really hoping that this means I’ll be blogging again loads about different stuff I’ve done.

So here goes.

The All Saints jacket I’ve had my eye on all Summer/Autumn finally became mine in October!  An anniversary pressie from dear Mr.Mbbmore. What can I say, other than that I absolutely love it: my first ever purchase from All Saints!!

All Saints Cargo Biker Jacket in Grey

All Saints Cargo Biker Jacket in Grey

After umming and aaahing loads, I decided to go with this grey shade. Partly because I already have quite a few black jackets, but partly because I think the grey really picks up on the lovely soft, worn-in leathery loveliness of this jacket. Fortunately  I’ve managed to get loads of use out of it in the mild Autumn we’ve had so far.

I can’t rave about this jacket enough. It’s practically perfect in every way, and now that the weather has turned a bit nippier, I am wearing it as an under-layer with a coat or gillet.

For a better photo of said jacket follow this link 😉


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