OOTD: featuring All Saints and Uniqlo

If anyone has found a less naff way of taking selfies of OOTDs do let me know…in the meantime, here is what I am wearing today. Just an excuse really to show you my new leather jacket again from All Saints 😉

Heattech from Uniqlo

All Saints and Uniqlo for November!

All Saints biker jacket in grey and Uniqlo

That All Saints biker jacket again

Also featuring in this post is a scarf and heattech top from Uniqlo (all from their Celia Birtwell collaboration) (link here: and a pair of oldish grey jeans from River Island.

You might also catch a glimpse of my new ‘Everyday’ boots from Next, which have turned out to be rather marvellous, with just the perfect height heel to trudge around for school runs and running around. Here’s a link to a better picture of them: I love how the suede has a faded out quality at the front, giving them a really ‘worn-in’ look which I love.

So that’s me…what are you all wearing today…?


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