What I’ve learned about blogging…

Is that there are very few bloggers whose blogs posts I genuinely love receiving in my inbox anymore.

Even those blogs I once thought were great are now losing my interest, but the blogs that are top of my delete list at the moment are the soft focus, look at my twee lifestyle in soft focus, and all the cutesy stuff I dress my little itsy cutsy baby in…you all know the ones I’m talking about.

So just to clarify, ten years ago or even five years ago I would have quite happily cuddled anyone’s baby, regardless of whether I knew them or nor. Now, I barely manage to fane a passing interest in all things baby related and hold a barely acceptable conversation about wind, nappies and the joys of ear/eye infections etc.

If I’m honest, I’m just over that stage, and I make no apologies for it…I was there doing ‘modern motherhood’ to the umpteenth degree for the last eight years. And I do mean to the umpteenth degree…the sing and sign classes, the baby swim classes, the drama classes, the Little Kickers, the play dates, the play dates…the play dates…actually we’re still doing those!

Talking of kids…anyone got any tips on how to do deal with a ‘challenging’ 8 year old?! After suffering from sheer ranting and shouting exhaustion, my current favoured method of dealing with his selective deafness when trying to get him to do anything is to knock 5 minutes off his bedtime every time he does it…so far it’s working a treat. Mind you we are talking about a child here whose idea of hell is to go to sleep at 7pm…I take my hat off to anyone who manages to get a child past the age of 7 to sleep at that time…Mr. Can’t Sleep Won’t Sleep (as I now like to call him) can still be heard complaining of a sore throat and coughing very theatrically as late as 9pm some nights.

I look forward to hearing about your selected methods of home law enforcement 😉


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