What I’ve learned about being a working mum…

Is that it sucks.

Yes, you heard right…it sucks. Despite what Sherly Sandberg, CEO of Facebook, may say in her book (Lean In), which has now turned into a bible amongst career mums.

The truth is that if you start the job of your dreams, which will most likely require your full time attention, you can’t stop fretting about the little darlings you’ve left at home, to be brought up by someone else (unless you’re one of the lucky ones that’s got a mother or other relative nearby to do the job for you).

And if you don’t do the job of your dreams, and just plod along in the one you can do with your eyes closed, the one you’ve been doing for the last X number of years, you can’t stop thinking about the job you should by rights be doing…you know the one that all your male peers and female peers with less experience, but without kids are doing…

Yes, there are some ‘dream’ employers out there who will let you leave on the dot, and work from home every now and then, but when it comes to promotions, you’ll be the last in the queue, that’s if you’re in it at all.

It’s a bitter pill, don’t I know it. And I’m not the only one who’s swallowing it. And in the meantime, the world is missing out one some truly amazing talent. I’m not talking about myself here, but all the mothers out there who I know that are gifted and bright, and just generally amazing, but have made the decision to put their careers on the back burner for now.

But they, like me, know the truth, which is that our kids need us more right now than any corporate I can think of. Even when they’re at school, they need me to be at the school gate every now and then, and at home with them doing their homework, wiping away the tears, sorting out their tantrums. You know, just making sure they’re ok. It’s not a job a full time nanny can do, no matter what Sheryl may tell you, and no matter how much she resembles Mary Poppins.

So, for now, I’ve decided I need to concentrate on these little people instead:

Kids before career; Sheryl Sandberg


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