Ren’s Evercalm and Hydra-calm range


So I can’t really figure out why this product goes by two names…but it’s basically Ren’s range for sensitive skin.

I bought these two products from my local M&S a week ago and although it’s really still early days to do a proper review, I do have some thoughts on this already.

Firstly, both products are relatively reasonably priced, at around the £20-30 mark, but not as affordable as the Una Brennan range, which I have reviewed previously on my blog.
Ren is a much-hyped and much-loved range that is free of nasties (Performance, Purity and Pleasure are their buzz words).
The products I am currently using as an alternative to my usual Una Brennan ‘Rose Hydrate’ range are the cleanser Gentle Cleansing Milk and Global Protection Day Cream from this range.

Ren Evercalm

My thoughts on the cleanser:

I love it. It’s incredibly creamy and is applied straight from the bottle, without needing lathering with water, and so is perfect for my dry skin.  However, and here’s my dilemma, I love it so much that I want to use it as my night time remove all make-up cleanser. However, the catch is that it isn’t particularly good at removing eye make-up. I tend not to wear a lot of foundation, and what little I do wear has usually come off by the evening, but if you do wear more than me I wouldn’t recommend this as a one-step cleanser. I am actually consider if using this in combination with my Una Brennan facial oil instead, for days when I want a really thorough cleans.

Having said all of that, the product is a delight to use…so on the whole I’d give it 4/5.

Ok, moving on to the Hydra-calm day cream:

The bottle is quite small and so I’m thinking you’re expected to use quite a small amount of this. The problem I’m having is that a small amount isn’t really sorting out the dryness of my skin in the mornings…it’s really just not hitting the rehydration levels most people with sensitive skin need ( sensitive and dry skin pretty much go hand-in-hand in my experience). And that’s what confused me: surely the skin experts at Ren would be aware of this (?). All in all I’m not really enjoying applying this and at £28 a bottle, I really expect a bit more enjoyment out of a product.  Admittedly, my my skin is pretty dry at the moment partly due to taking a lot of anti-histamines , and partly because I’m just soooo used to the hydration my face gets from a face oil. So, my overall verdict…3/5…and that’s being generous. I am actually dying to finish this bottle so I can justify going back to my much-loved Liz Earle moisturiser!

I do notice that Ren do a separate range for Dry skin…so am wondering whether I should use that instead…?

One thing I am discovering is that no one brand seems to satisfy my skins needs…

Let me know your thoughts.


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