Chanel favourites: oldish and very new

I’ve been keeping something to myself which has pretty much been a firm favourite of mine since last September.

I am absolutely love plum and prune colours on brown or hazel eyes. I have done so for years, ever since I bought a plum Nars eyeshadow back in the 90s. So you can imagine my excitement who Chanel launched its latest colour in its ‘Le Volume de Chanel’ mascara range called ‘Prune’. Ok, don’t be put off by the name, it’s basically a gorgeous reddy brown. Here’s a pic of the brush which shows the colour pretty accurately:

Chanel Le Volume Mascara in Prune

The brush on these mascaras  are quite frankly amazing , and I have been a completely convert to this mascara range since I tried it last year at Selfridges. Quite frankly, it puts all other mascaras in the shade. At £22 it ain’t cheap, but is no more expensive than other high-end mascara.

And here’s another pic of me wearing it:


I usually apply about two or three coats. Personally I find it far more flattering than black, and less harsh if you have darker eyes.

In other news, I also picked up this little beauty recently (Chanel Le Vernis in Charivari (603) from the Chanel counter at Debenhams, which is part of Dior’s Spring collection:


Charivari is an amazing shade of dark plum which is pretty much the exact shade I’ve been looking for all winter. It’s quite gothic, but as with all Chanel nail varnishes goes on a dream. It’s not particularly a Spring colour, but is just amazing on:


As with all Chanel nail varnishes this retails at £18.


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