Book review: The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie


I don’t do that many book reviews. I don’t often feel inspired enough to do one if I’m honest. But having read more than my fair share of children’s books over the last 8 years, I do know when I’ve come across a good one. ‘The Worst Princess’ is one such book. Chosen by my four year old son from Waterstones yesterday it is literally crying out to be reviewed.

The title is possibly not the best, as Sue is actually not the worst princess, but the sort of Princess that all little girls and boys should admire, sticking up two fingers to all preconceived notions of ‘princessness’.

It’s a fairy tale but with an inspiring and inspired feminist twist: all about Princess Sue and her unwillingness to conform to Princess stereotypes (!)

Expect some beautiful rhyming prose in the style of Julia Donaldson, interspersed with few ‘naughty’ and giggle-enducing words (bum, stupid and twit) to make all little ones feel terribly grown up.

It’s just so perfect in every way. The prose is both modern real and hilarious (see below for a great example, when the Price arrives back to find Princess Sue not in her tower, but instead looking rather dishevelled after playing with the dragon all day). The illustrations are divine: colourful and perfect for the story. It’s most definitely a book that can just be enjoyed for its illustrations over and over again.

I’d really recommend this book to girls but also to boys. For girls it’s just the perfect antidote to all the Barbie Princess pinkness they are inundated with. Sue is a seriously feisty princess in the style of the heroine in Shrek.

But it’s also a must for boys…just so they’re clear: dragon-slaying isn’t just for boys 😉

Buy it now: it’s just the perfect way to spend that World Book Day book token that’s festering in your waller!


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