Revlon nails: Chroma Chameleon in ‘Tanzanite’

I came across this particular nail varnish on a recent trip to Boots, and although I’m usually a die hard Essie and Top Shop devotee at the moment when it comes to nail varnishes, I was somewhat intrigued by the promise of a chrome nail effect. I’m also a die hard purple fan, so it was a bit of a no-brainer to try this out.


I haven’t been disappointed: it’s pretty amazing on. Here are the photos to
prove it. Although taken in daylight, the effect is pretty much the same whatever the light.


It literally does have a shiny chrome finish, which looks amazing when you first apply it.

My only complaint would be, as you might be able to see if you take a closer look at the photos, is that the effect fades towards the tips…which means that it also chips pretty easily.

If you’re after a great look for a night out though this is a good one to try. It retails for around £8.



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