Is this the perfect nude nail? Essie in ‘Saint Tropez’

Yeah yeah I know what you’re all thinkings: that we’ve all kind of moved on, and that nude nails are no longer where it’s at (so 2012)…you’re all wearing matt nails, and glitter nails and fluorescent nails, and all sorts of other funky nails.

Call me old fashioned, but in some situations I still think only a nude nail will do. You know: that important first interview, or client meeting, or any other occasion for that matter where you really don’t want your nails to do the talking for you.

Sooo, after that rather long-winded intro let me introduce you to my trusted friend for just those situations: Essie in ‘Sand Tropez’…it’s just that perfect nude, opaque enough to be a little bit ‘now’ but understated enough to not take the focus off you and what’s coming out of your mouth.

It’s so completely understated it speaks volumes…

Let  me know what you think?




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