My Kurt Geiger low tops


I’ve had terrible problems with my feet for years now: it kind of rules out wearing high heels and narrow shoes, and basically anything glamorous and feminine for longer than 30 minutes at a time. I went to a wedding last weekend in towering heels but had my ballet pumps in my bag as I knew zi wouldn’t last too long in my heels.

I really look with great envy at ladies who pull off towering heels with such aplomb and elegance, as it’s not something I’ve ever been able to achieve.

My feet are in a particularly dire straights at the moment after a trip to the chiropodist which means both little toes are currently covered in padding and plasters. In fact, the only thing I can walk around in at the moment without hobbling are my little faithful low tops from Kurt Geiger.

(Above is a photo of my weekend outfit, worn here with my new Gap boyfriend jeans.)

I’ve basically had these little bashed up beauties for nearly six years. The reason I’m doing this post is because it’s just occurred to me that I’ve had them that long, which makes them older than my younger son!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love these shoes: the softest leather I’ve literally ever come across in a pair of shoes, and the perfect width to accommodate my feet without pinching them. I regularly, in fact usually, wear them without socks, like a pair of slippers! They’ve seen me throughout pregnancies and weight gain, and are like a dear old friend now.

Originally bought from the Harrods sale in 2008 for around £80, they usually sell for around £140 I think. Not cheap, but given how much wear, care and love they’ve given my feet over the years I can’t really argue with that figure!

I have a high top black version of these trainers too for the winter, but for the summer these still do the trick more than adequately. And given how much wear they’ve had over the years I think they’ve survived in pretty good shape!

If you want a pair of trainers that will jazz up your casual outfit I really think these are the ones to go for.

Kurt Geiger still do these low tops, so if, like me, you suffer in the feet department, I would recommend these most highly. I do occasionally toy with buying a new pair myself, but it really would feel a bit like cheating on a dear old friend!

So hers to my low tops: thanks for all the painless memories!




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