June is a good month for…

June is always a good month for me: it’s my birthday, and as a Wimbledon resident, the tennis fortnight at All England always makes the whole place that much buzzier with everyone’s bumping into tennis stars in pubs, shops and playgrounds. More of that in another post though; for now I’ll just tell you about my latest Laura Mercier purchase with a little ‘surpris’ at the end!


Laura Mercier’s Bonne Mine stick face colour in Coral Glow is part of the American beauty brands summer range. The stick “fard a joues” (to give it it’s far more elegant French name) comes in a total of four colours, but this, in my opinion at least, is by far the best of the lot, creating a lovely corally (?) glow (as the name implies!)

The concept is obviously ridiculously similar to the Nars ‘Multiple’ and th colour is most definitely reminiscent of the infamous ‘Orgasm’ but personally I was never the biggest fan of the latter, and I definitely think Coral Glow has the edge in terms of sheer “glowiness” and pigmentation.

Annoyingly the colour is incredibly difficult to pick up on camera, but here are two swatches on my hand the first blended and the second unblended, which give an idea of the colour:



I am using the Bonne Mine face stick with my other new LM favourite at the moment, the Protect Foundation Primer, which has an SPF of 30 – so perfect for the sunny summer we are having (have I just jinxed it?!). It certainly saved the day when I went to Queens Club to watch some tennis a few weeks ago in a “swelterin” 26 degree heat, without any sun cream on!


LM is well known for her primers but what I love about this is that unlike a lot of gel-based primers this one has a lovely creaminess which makes it ideal for drier skin types. I usually wear it with just a smidgen of normal moisturiser under it, and manages to make even drier products (such as my Bobbi Brown foundation stick) wearable and bearable!

Here’s a swatch which gives an idea of its texture:






And finally, in case I happened to have not mentioned it enough this month I happened to bump into this chap while out for a meal in a Knightsbridge, who it turns out has a very similar birthday to me! 🙂20140701-145602-53762930.jpg

That’s it for now folks ;)x


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