Essie – Tart Deco

I’ll admit it: it really doesn’t take a lot to get me excited nowadays: a new iced coffee in Starbucks, enough Advatage Card points to buy myself a meal…you get the general idea.

Nonetheless, my delirium levels did reach new heights when I discovered a whole Essie stand in my local Boots! Not the whole collection, but enough to keep me entertained. Yes, I know I can buy them online, but when it comes to cosmetics I’m a firm believer in trying before buying.

Sooo, after that ridiculously long-winded intro, here is the beauty I speak of (drum roll please):


This an Instagram shot, but without the filter you really wouldn’t get a real sense of the intensity if this pinky coral.

Here is a pic without the filter, to get a true sense of the real colour multiply this pic by 10!


It’s just the most perfect corally orange. Having worn brighter oranges to death last summer, to me this is just the perfect summer orange: bright without being overpowering or tacky.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, yes I am obsessed with Essie nail polishes. The originality of their colours is hard to beat, and every shade manages to be classy, no matter how bright. The brush on this varnish is flat, making application a doddle. I applied 3 coats in the end (unusual for me) because I found 2 left some streaks in places.

Let me know what you think of it x

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