I am a freelance journalist/editor, and a mother of two boys.

I have always been slightly obsessive about health and beauty related stuff, and since having kids I am really into earth-friendly and child-friendly beauty brands, as well as holistic treatments.

Living in London and being a freelance journalist and editor means that I occasionally get to go to lovely restaurants, hotels etc.  If I think they are worth talking about I will.

I do occasionally digress into other stuff that has moved me whether it be my (lack of) parenting skills or other stuff that’s been playing on my mind.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please do leave feedback, so I know there is someone out there reading this!

Note for editors: I am a legal and property journalist by trade, but am always more than happy to be commissioned on parenting, and other lifestyle related stuff. My ‘opinion’ pieces should give you an idea of my style, but I am always happy to send over other stuff for you to see.

Note for PRs:

I am happy to review any products that are sent to me. However, please do expect an honest review, as it’s important to me to maintain some integrity with the reviews.

You can contact me at mariashahid [at] bt



  1. Love your blog ❤

  2. Jane says:

    Great blog – although I’m a blog virgin so don’t have anything to compare it to! If you need to recruit other testers – happy to help out!

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