What I’ve learned about being a working mum…

Kids before career; Sheryl Sandberg

Is that it sucks. Yes, you heard right…it sucks. Despite what Sherly Sandberg, CEO of Facebook, may say in her book (Lean In), which has now turned into a bible amongst career mums. The truth is that if you start the job of your dreams, which will most likely require your full time attention, you […]

Where’s the work ethic gone: the Danica trend

I’ve been perusing quite a lot of blogs today…it’s been interesting to say the least. Quite a lot of younger bloggers, in particular beauty bloggers, seem to have incredibly lavish/opulent lifestyles. The journalist/nosey parker in me is dying to know how such bloggers actually support their life styles. Some might say it’s just jealousy on […]

76% of Italian women….

The following is taken from an article in The Telegraph last week, which reported that that Italian women are the ‘unhappiest in Europe’: ‘The survey of 4,000 women in the continent’s five largest countries found that 76 per cent of Italian housewives were dissatisfied with their lives, compared to 51 per cent in the UK, 53 per […]